Litigation Management

Since 2004, Rembrandt IP Management has helped patent owners achieve a fair return on their intellectual property assets. Rembrandt IP Management has assembled a team of professionals who are experienced in each of the areas critical to effectively commercializing infringed intellectual property. Our team is composed of talented scientists, attorneys, licensing executives, and financial analysts.

Rembrandt provides the necessary resources, including professional expertise and financial capital, to maximize the value of infringed intellectual property. We work with owners of strong patents that have great market value, and we enforce these patents against major companies that may infringe upon them.

Rembrandt IP Management will work with you-whether you are an individual inventor, a company, a private equity or venture capital firm, a bank, or a university-to develop a tailored enforcement strategy aimed at achieving a fair value from your patents.


Rembrandt works with a vast network of law firms, companies, and individuals to identify currently infringed patents that cover fundamental technology in important markets.

Rembrandt IP Management evaluates opportunities and undertakes a rigorous diligence process to investigate all intellectual property it considers for enforcement actions. Our process includes technical, legal, and financial evaluation by our in-house teams, and culminates, when appropriate, in an IP enforcement strategy tailored to each individual opportunity. Due to the high level of internal resources needed to complete this in-depth process, we are very selective when determining which opportunities to consider.

Rembrandt IP Management believes that litigation is the most effective means of realizing appropriate value for infringed intellectual property. We implement an IP enforcement strategy through our internal litigation team consisting of attorneys and financial and technical experts. This team works closely with leading law firms and experts to plan and carry out a patent infringement lawsuit against alleged infringers. Our enforcement efforts are aimed at achieving fair value for our partners and investors.

Rembrandt acquires patents or partners with patent owners who believe they have early and important assets that are currently being infringed. These types of opportunities come from diverse sources such as law firms, companies, individual inventors, service providers, investors, and universities.

Recognizing that each opportunity is unique, we are creative and flexible in how we propose deal structures, and we always take into account the objectives of the patent owner. We diversify our investments across a variety of technology areas.

Rembrandt works diligently with patent owners to identify opportunities that match the objectives of Rembrandt IP Management. Rembrandt IP Management then deploys its internal expertise and financial capital to evaluate the opportunity in great detail and maximize the value of infringed intellectual property. See more about how we work with patent owners below.

Individual Inventors: We work with individual inventors who lack intellectual property litigation expertise and/or the capital resources required to enforce their patent rights. Rembrandt IP Management then structures a deal tailored to each circumstance, whereby it contributes considerable internal resources and expertise as well as the financial capital needed to pursue enforcement through litigation.
Companies: We partner with public and private companies across all technology sectors by joining ongoing patent assertion campaigns or implementing new ones. We work with your company to maximize returns from infringing competitors in an effort to recover significant value from your research and development efforts. We are flexible and creative in structuring a deal that meets your company's corporate objectives. Once a deal is reached, Rembrandt IP Management will dedicate the required human capital and expertise to manage the enforcement effort, so your company can focus on its core business.
Investors: We partner with private equity and venture capital firms to identify infringed patents held by the companies within their portfolios or held directly by a fund. Rembrandt IP Management's enforcement expertise and financial capital allow early stage companies to partner with us so they can focus on achieving commercial success in their primary business.
Law Firms: Law firms often have clients who cannot afford the cost or distraction of an enforcement campaign, or the firm lacks the internal expertise to effectively design or execute on an enforcement campaign. Firms may also struggle to manage legal and business conflicts among their diverse client base. Once a new opportunity is identified and developed, Rembrandt IP Management will work with your law firm to develop the enforcement strategy and structure an appropriate fee arrangement. We are also interested in becoming involved in opportunities that are already in litigation.
Universities: We partner with universities to structure deals whereby a university benefits from patent enforcement and recovers its significant research and development investments, while allowing it to remain focused on its academic and research objectives. We will work with you to structure an enforcement strategy that takes into account any existing complex relationships your university may have.

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